I am interested in trying a SE razor and would like to acquire a Mongoose razor in the black version. If you have one you would be willing to part with please let me know. Really only interested in the black one as all my razors are black and want to keep the theme going.

I think the only black version was the Alumigoose correct?
I've seen one and it was a Alumigoose so you are probably correct.


Santa Clarita, CA
Contact Mongoose and/or Maggard. The AlumiGoose, and actually any other Mongoose product, are sold by Maggard now. I believe Straight Razor Designs will also be a distributor for the SS version but not sure about the AlumiGoose since production is still early and small batches are being released. There are not too many AlumiGooses out there yet but if you are still able get your name on an interest list with Mongoose then Maggard will notify you when your name comes up on the list and will contact you regarding purchasing one... unless the regular release of the razor happens first, then you can just snag one.
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