I would like to buy a lot of Gillette safety razors from 1 person only because if I would buy all of them from separate peeps then shipping alone will reach $40+....

Just looking to buy, not desperate to buy, if you have in mind crazy asking price it wont happen. I'm not collecting them so I don't plan on breaking the bank, I will break the bank when I send them for restoring to Echo Delta.

Here is what I'm looking for:

- Red tip
- Blue tip
- Flair tip ( either one is fine the all silver one or the one with the black handle)
- Slim Adjustable
- Fat boy

The razors do not have to be in tip top shape plating wise, but I do care they are functional and not with busted up. Plating I don't care that's fixable, but damaged handles and heads that's not fixable or even if it was would look still crappy after replating. To those that have doubles and don't mind another guy enjoying these razors please PM me, as for those that don't have doubles but and don't want them no longer PM me.

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