I'm having an incredible experience with Voskhod blades. Tried them from a freebie that came in a Christmas gift. These blades with my EJDE89lbl is about as perfect as I could imagine...for me. I'm getting BBS shaves with no sting from alum, and my sixth shave was just as close and comfy as the second. I'm gonna stick with it to see where the performance stops; but, even if I need to change blades mid shave tomorrow, these are still my favorites to date.

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They are my go too as well. I have yet to find anything that exceeds it in terms of closeness and comfort.

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I did a large test batch of blades back in the Fall and just at the end of December decided on the blades that I liked best. Voskhod was the top of them, plus the Persona Meds and Kai Stainless. I've used the Voskhods in all my razors and they perform great in each, and I've done two shaves now with new Standard razor and that is amazing! Smile I think the Voskhods are a fairly popular brand from what I have noticed anyway.

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I tried to like them, but my face wasn't having any part of it. Cry

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I get really close shaves from Feather, Astra, and Gillette Super Stainless. The Astra and Gillettes are comfortable as well. These give me closer and more comfort. In fact, they have been my most comfortable blade yet, by a long margin. Just amazing. I guess everyone has that combo that just clicks and this is mine. I thought the Feathers and Astras would be unbeatable. These are exceeding both. In fact, this entire work week I've used a One Pass Plus technique and still got incredible shaves.
I have a Mardi Gras ball to attend tomorrow night, so I'll be going with the full three pass shave. I'll see if the 7th shave will give me BBS and no irritation. If so, I'm ordering a bunch!
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(01-15-2016, 03:15 AM)Sapone Di Paolo Wrote: I tried to like them, but my face wasn't having any part of it. Cry

I know what you mean. A few brands that people rave about just did not work for me at all. Irritation every shave and some I could not get close shaves. Double losers. I'm constantly amazed how we get such polar opposite results from these things. Also, some poor saps are out there thinking that shaving sucks and their whole world would change with a simple blade change. Haha. Thank God for DFS!

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I really love Voskhods. You just can't beat the shave you get and the price you pay for them.

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Blades in my opinion are the most subjective of all shaving equipment. I tried Voskhod and still have a pack but they weren't sharp enough for me, however they were very smooth. Polsilver was the same for me, very smooth but just not sharp enough for my beard. Kai are my daily blades with the exception of my Ikon 102 Slant, which I use Astra SPs in which aren't quite as sharp as Kai to me. Yet after reading this thread I want to give the Voskhod blade a try in the 102. My go to razors for daily shaving are the Ikon 101, DE89, and AS-D2, all with Kai blades. The next best blades for me in those razors are a tie between Astra SP and Gillette Silver Blue, and I find those two blades to be nearly identical in performance for my beard.

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Voskhod is my #1 as well but I'm a smooth guy by and large. I'd love to commit to Gillette Silver Blue as my sharp blade but just can't get past the price.

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(01-15-2016, 06:16 AM)Hobbyist Wrote: Blades in my opinion are the most subjective of all shaving equipment.

^^^Could not agree more. That being said, my go to blades ad Astra SP, BUT, Voskhods are an extremely close second, and are in fact my backup blades. (I actually throw them into the mix every 4th-5th shave)

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