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Just wondered if anyone has used Voigt & Cop newest offerings VC03 and VC04 as there doesn't seem to be to much information on them. I have both VC01 and VC02 which are both wonderful brushes and very curious to see how his newest offerings compare, if anyone has used them and could share there experience that would be great

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I have a VC01 and a VC03 - 03 has softer tips, similar backbone, and the slightest scratch - not negative - that I’m sure will disappear as it gets more use.  

[Image: VTlKeJf.jpg]

[Image: EipRvSB.jpg]

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Thanks so much for sharing that's interesting, they look very similar, just wondering how do you find the handle shape on your VC03 brush is it comfortable?

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Handle on 03 is FANTASTIC!

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Ok thanks for letting me know, have you ever tried Simpsons super badger for comparison?

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I have not - just SilverTip and Manchurian in CH2

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