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I just received this week Vitrine from Italy beautiful piece of furniture to add my rare Colectibles  Happy2. only one glass is being cracked during shipping but it’s in works to be replaced..

Here are some things I added not all yet lol.

[Image: Df2DUPt.jpg][Image: UmuTWri.jpg]Breitling first gift in 2015 as exclusive member [Image: wTkRlmm.jpg][Image: YQDmUv2.jpg][Image: ZXnRHMq.jpg]A Thank You Card [Image: 6CQIUqM.jpg]Xmas Globe in 2008 Santa with Spitfire[Image: F2tNovN.jpg][Image: KB6D7iQ.jpg][Image: G60dteL.jpg]Flying Tigers love Kityhawk  Happy2 [Image: BGEyiyw.jpg]This jewelry Box is from Austria very rare yet beautiful piece of art they way it’s done inside out well preserved..BaselWorld in 2016 amazing trip to Switzerland  Happy2 [Image: sMKSc3Q.jpg]Flew with Breitling Jet Team in lovely Albatros L39 Happy2 [Image: HneQj2g.jpg][Image: dX24aKB.jpg][Image: 9iSGqE2.jpg][Image: ePSGear.jpg]
Number 1 Captain Jacques Botelin[Image: vOOiJTe.jpg]My Alpha Jacket 

That’s it for now as I have more to display lol but great memories and flying is fun pulling 5Gs ohhh it takes a toll but all in good fun..

Kind Regards

Alan H

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