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I found a 1955 Gillette Blue tip for sale for $25 US and I was wondering if that's a good price or not?  Should I jump on it now before it's gone or hold off for a better price??

I need to know! :O

Thanks Big Grin

Edit: NVM I bought it anyway lol Still, did I get it for a decent price? Oh, and there was no case, sadly :/
It all depends on condition. I passed on a vintage New for $8 because it was in horrible condition. I also passed on a Blue Tip for $35. It, too was too filthy for that price. Just today I paid $25 for a pre-WWII Aristocrat in its original box in good condition. That was a good price. If I found a Blue Tip in good shape, I'd pay $25 for it. It's not like there is going to be more made.

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I think I should at least 1 a year or so ago in the $10-$15 range in pretty good shape. I don't think $25 is too ridiculously priced, condition permitted.
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Condition is good from what I can see in the pics, and seller has cleaned it up and he's a high rated seller as well, so I'm confident I got a good one on this Smile He also as a red tip for sale if anyone is interested I can toss you the link if anyone is looking for one Smile

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