Is there a forum topic for vintage blades? I have a very large collection of Personna Tungsten 74, Gillette “Spoiler” and PolSilver Stainless Brown package. Anyone out there have any others that I may need to try?

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Also, are there any vintage SE blades?

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The only vintage DE blade that worked well for me, for one shave, was the Wilkinson Sword (made in England).
I don't know If when they were made would have allowed longer durations while maintain an adeguate performance.
I’m a fan of NOS blades myself!  One glaring omission is some Wilkinson Light Brigades.  Usually when the two best NOS blades are mentioned, it’s those and your Personna 74’s.

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I’m only familiar with NOS injector blades and have just used the modern Gem PTFE coated stainless for my Gem razors.

Edit: this was supposed to be a quoted reply to your question regarding SE blades. I’m still figuring things out.

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