DFS 2018 LE Brush is now live. Read more here!!


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Chazz Reinhold HOF
I for one, appreciate the videos and reviews. For a guy that has wet shaved for over 25 years, and for the longest time only used a Gillette Super Speed, Old Spice pucks and an old school badger brush, these videos and forums like DFS, opened the doors to new things and infinite possibilities.

So, thank you!
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Great response video! I think some folks tend to forget that reviews are subjective experiences. I find they have great value because I appreciate the comparative analysis that reviewers provide, but to suggest a reviewer is "wrong" for their impression is ridiculous. It's perfectly fine to disagree and to hold a different opinion, but that was clearly taken to far in your case with all the accusations of wrongdoing. I'm glad you stood by your video, and I'm sure the community would stand behind you.
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