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I recently obtained two of these beautiful Raw Shaving stainless steel brush handles and had no idea that they are different. I thought both of the screw out ferrules for the brushes were identical and had a very shallow knot hole. That was the case on the first one and I ordered my usual chubby SHD knot from Oumo that I use for shallow mounting knot holes. When I went to mount it the other day, I pulled both handles out and unscrewed the ferrule from each one to decide which one I was going to use. Well, low and behold, the second one that I obtained has a deeper ferrule with threading deeper in the handle. For me, that is awesome because now I can send that one off to Srdjan in Australia to put in one of his hand tied knots. Anyone else out there have any of these and notice this?[Image: b571cba1fb0cc069767d035f59805032.jpg][Image: 70d324b8c220989a9d9b29001168e769.jpg]

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I have only seen these assembled. Didn’t even know they could be disassembled. Thanks for the post and pictures!

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