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I've been on the lookout for a razor strand that will hold my Blackland Razors blackbird.  I initially reached out to Triad razors, but Toby decided to go a different route with this side hobby/job and our vision was never realized.  No hard feelings!

In conversation with Aldo @ The Varlet regarding some of the brushes he produces he offhandedly mentioned that he sometimes has waste handles due to various mishaps in the hand turning process.  Aldo is a true one stop shop for brushes from hand tying knots to hand turning handles; all done in the UNITED STATES.  Another great American Manufacturer of shaving brushes and the only one I am aware of that also ties knots.  


At anyrate, I inquired if those 'waste' handles could be refashioned into razor stands and he agreed to take on my side project despite being backlogged in brush manufacturing.  The base and 'insides' are made of Alumilite resin and the wood is made of uberdense  Lignum Vitae. This is the real deal my friends!


[Image: huNNzaE.jpg]

[Image: YQa4pR5.jpg]

[Image: TVP81UB.jpg]

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Those are beautiful Spencer!

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Spencer those are both beautiful and so different from what we usually see in razor stands.

How is the weight compared to other stands?

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I am in Spencer :-) Very nice!

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That is sweeeeet! How does the 'bird fit?
(05-25-2016, 08:16 PM)Blackland Razors Wrote: That is sweeeeet! How does the 'bird fit?

We will find out when it arrives. Keep everyone posted. =)

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Those are beautiful. This combination of materials would be stellar as a brush handle too..

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Very nice!
Awesome stands!
[Image: 9egTlE9.jpg]

[Image: Z2XyvmM.jpg]

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