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Can anyone tell me whether the current production scented Valobra pucks (Cologne, Fern, and Patchouli) have the old clay smell that used to turn me off on the otherwise wonderful AOS tallow soaps that are no longer made? I have some of the old Sandalwood AOS tallow soaps made by Valobra, and there doesn't appear to be any of that unpleasant (to me) scent. I really like the way the AOS tallow soap works. If I can get the same soap directly from Valobra in one or more of their scented products, it would be great. On the other hand, the fear of that clay smell is the reason I haven't already tried them. How do you describe Valobra's scents? I've used the Valobra stick, but couldn't get around the fragrance.
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Great tallow soaps. I have two pucks, Fougere and Unscented. The Fougere is earthy, green and clean. I am not very good at describing scents, but I recommend you to try it.

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Valobra Fougere is one of my staples and always keep a puck on hand. Never picked up a clay scent and agree that it is more just a simple, herbaceous, green scent.

Have never used AoS stuff, even those made by Valobra so have no frame of reference.

Good luck!

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I don't have Valobra, but I do have Czech & Speake and an AOS tallow puck. I believe it had the clay scent that you were talking about when I first started using it, but the more times I lather it the stronger the fragrance becomes. At this point the clay scent has mostly disappeared, although I'd say the same for the AOS tallow, as well, so take that how you will.

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I experienced the clay smell with Lavender and Lemon. The same for both fragrances of Czech and Speake. The Valobra stick wasn't quite as bad starting out, but by the end of several weeks of using it exclusively, I came to loathe it.
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I have Valobra's Fougere. It's very mildly scented, which I understand is true across the board. The scent itself is soapy, clean, vaguely green/fresh. Very pleasant but not particularly distinctive.

But really, who cares? Valobra performance is unbelievable, and that's what you really came for Wink

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Mine Unscented puck has a light clay scent but doesn't bother me.

They are the best triple milled soaps for me.

Also, I have to say that I don't like at all the Patchouly and Cologne scents.

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I use the unscented puck and adore it! It does have a bit of a clay smell but I don't mind it at all and actually have come to like it. It's In my top 3 soaps and I will always have a puck in rotation

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I have never tried this brand.. So is it alright? I tried a soap not long ago that left myy face dried out and another soap almost burned.....
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jaro101969 Wrote:I have never tried this brand.. So is it alright? I tried a soap not long ago that left myy face dried out and another soap almost burned.....
It's more than all right.  I only have a puck of Patchouly and would describe it in one word as bitchin'.  Clay nose - not to me. Earthyness sure probably from the tallow base.  Will there be a puck on the shelf?  Always unless Proraso messes with it.    

PM me about the soap you found dried your face.  My oily skin loves soaps that are "drying".

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