New half blade pivoting head plastic single edge razor, it is an Indian Product available in Amazon India, cost is  10-piece for about $4.

Amazon India product link-

Global shave club, a Canadian company importing this razors and sells through their website.
Costs $2 plus shipping(1-piece). They also have more aggressive, less aggressive head and chrome plated brass handle options. I believe the head just slides out and easily replace with another head.

Global shave club product link-

Youtube review video.

V-ishw Single Edge Plastic Razor-

The Challenger Single Edge Razor-

[Image: YP2ySdQ.jpg]

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I am game ordered one with the more aggressive head (20%)
Ships from Montreal so will probably take 10 days to get to me.

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Montreal is on the St. Lawrence River.

Its canoes are now the latest, speedy models. Each person gets a paddle.

Just refrain from rocking the boat, s'il vous plaît.

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Please do not buy from this vendor. I never received the Challenger SE razor and paid him $9.00 . I have a dispute setup with Paypal and this guy (Sheldon) is a real con artist. Claims never received my 3 emails and never confirmed razor was shipped dper his written policy. Claims shipped me 2 razors but none got to me.
Watch Out
I have to agree with slantman. I ordered three Challengers from him and two were not in (the mild one and the brass handle one). Not a problem with taking my money when I ordered, however instead of telling me two items were not in and what did I want to do, he just sent me two other items and a free "Gillette Tech" which was the old version of the Baili Tech clone. Sometimes yo end up paying more for a cheap razor (in the waiting, follow up and communication) than it is worth.
I just bought one and got it in the mail after a week. Mine came with Blue Bird blades which i thought were discontinued, happy to use them again either way because i like them.
I will say that i got payment confirmation but never any shipping info. The razor arrived just thrown in a shipping envelope with no box or wrapping. Good thing its plastic. Global Shave could work on their communication, packing and shipping. At least i got my razor in one piece.
At least mark and kensurfs get the products

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