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I had a brush knot that I set in a resin handle a few years ago and could not remove the knot when I desired to change it.

I tried submerging the whole brush in hot tap water for a few hours at a time but that did not loosen the knot.
I was thinking I would eventually try the steaming method to see if that would help but put it off as I had other brushes I liked better.
Then I came up with an idea about using my goose neck kettle to remove the stubborn knot and it worked!

I had originally glued a nickle in handle pocket to raise the knot a little bit. I knew that would work as a heat sink so I needed warmer water to do that.
I also didn't want to use boiling water as I was told that boiling water can damage resin handles. This was what I did:

I took a saucer (to contain the water) and placed a small sample container on the saucer, followed by putting the brush on the container. That way, the handle would not be sitting in hot run off water.

[Image: uw96SMK.jpg]

I then heated up my electric goose neck kettle to 80C (176F) and used the goose neck to pour a little water directly into the center of the knot, pouring water until it started to spill down the handle.
I let the water sit in the knot for three minutes.
I reheated the kettle to the same temperature (I just set the kettle to hold the temperate).
I then poured more water directly into the center of the knot but this time I let it overflow for a second to warm up/replace the water currently at the base of the knot.
I let the water sit in the knot for three minutes.
I then twisted the knot and it came out with ease!

If that had not worked, I would have upped the water temperature to 90C (194F) and repeated the process.

I thought I would pass it along in case you also have a stubborn knot that you want to remove.

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