FYI, for those that are interested in these razors:

Barbaros:  Apart from the Adjustable, Barbaros TR-2 will be available soon. Actually its a revised version of the TR-1. Here are the changes made:
- The biggest change is that the blade slots.They were changed to round pins.
- Handle is a little bit more angled in the neck area and the bottom ring. The helices become something like V shape rather than the O shape. It will be named as “Levend” (Marine Soldier in Ottoman Navy).
- The brand logo will be engraved together with the model number TR-2 under the base plate.
- Aggressiveness is almost the same, maybe 0.05mm increase in the blade gap.
- Material is the same, 316 grade steel
- Will be out probably in a month if I find time to polish  This time there wont be a polishing issue.
- There will be 2 more handles 13x85 soon. One of them is Kalyon (Bohin Style), The other one is Dona Maria which is a half part slim handle.

Colonial Razors: We wanted to let you all know that we have two C360 machined brass prototypes coming to us in the first week of January.  Many of our customers have asked for a heavier version of The General and we have listened.  Please stay tuned for all new updates and sign up for our newsletter.
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Ferndale, MI
I'll probably be in for the brass General for sure. Thanks for the updates.
- Jeff
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We did receive the brass General the other day and it shaves wonderfully. We have decided, however, to modify the handle design for the brass version in order to better balance the weight. The modified handle will be one diameter and not tapered like the aluminum version.

I think the community is going to love the brass!


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I'm in . can't wait
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