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I was out of the DE scene for 5 years and now I’m back.
I’m sort of an old rookie, right…..

So far my Top 5 DE blades goes like this:

1. Gillette Perma Sharp

2. Gillette Platinum

3. Personna Platinum (Israeli Red)

4. Personna Platinum (German Blue)

5. KAI

Honourable mention:
Feather & Voskhod

I used to own 400 Polsilver, but sold them in 2016. They would still be number 1 now.

I use smooth blades in efficient razors and sharp blades in mild razors.

Let me hear your list !

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Glad you’re back Claus!  My top 5:
Personna Lab Blue (laser etched) sharp, smooth, long lasting.  My #1 by a wide margin.
Permasharp Russian
Gillette Astra Blue
Feather ( but only get a couple of shaves out of one)

Chicago Suburbs
The blades you have listed work for me also. I have tried a lot of blades and find others to be as good as those you listed.

BIC Chrome Platinum
Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum Blacks
Wilkinson Sword (German)
Dorco Prime Platinum STP301
SuperMax Blue Diamond
Astra Superior Stainless
King C Gillette Platinum
Durablade Sharp Platinum
Hey Claus!  What’s happening?

Top DE Blades:

1.  Vintage Wilkinson “New” blades, Wilkinson London Bridge, and Wilkinson Light Brigade…they all seem to be the same blade to me!

2.  Vintage Iridium Super BN-76

3.  Vintage Personna 74s

4.  Vintage Schick Plus Platinum

5.  Modern Gillette Platinum (the modern “Swedes”)

I could be happy using any one of these blades the rest of my DE shaving days…though I use the straight razor more often now.

Have a great weekend!



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I am fine with almost any blade, but Nacet seems to be my sweet spot.

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My top five favorite blades are : Polsilver, Gillette Blue, Med Prep, Astra green and Feather
My top five blades are Wizamet.

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Not a top 5 list, but a top 1. Use the Gillette Nacet blades and don't look back.

Most current top 5:
1) Wizamet / Polsilver
2) Nacet
3) Gillette Rubie
4) Personna Med Prep
5) Lord Silver Star
Honorable mention for BIC and Willy's
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Polsilver SI
Gillette Silver Blue
Gillette Rubie
Astra SP

Hon. Mtn: Personna Israeli Red, Voskhod, Feather, Kai

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