I originally purchased a travel case from Norton on his Etsy website for my Rockwell T2 razor. Zach made some modifications to the case and sent me an update. The new T2 case was so secure for the T2, I tried some other razors and all fit in the case perfectly. The design is such that the head of the razor is secure in an insert of soft plastic that does not scratch or damage the razor head. There is room for a tuck of blades and an insert for the razor to be stored upright while it dries.

Razors that I tried were the Progress, Osprey, Ares V2, Athena, Konsul, Ikon X3 and Henson AL13. All were secure, no rattle. I don't have to take apart the 2 and 3 piece razors. They all fit fully put together. Perfect travel case.

[Image: 0XtBpYB.jpg]

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I just noticed that the price of this Universal Travel case has dropped to $32.00.

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