Had some F Base made and was going to do another batch of Sandalo Artistico but saw I was a little short on the East Indian Sandalwood so ordered sone more and thought to myself we have the new labels that came in why not make a batch of the Unscented as we’ve been out of it for a while. As some may know the name has been changed to simply “ Unscented “ as some have pointed out the former name “ Clean “ may have been a little misleading as some people thought it was like a clean linen scent just looking at the name. It’s still in the Pure Collection and as we move forward anything that’s unscented will be labeled that way and found in the Pure Collection.

Of course this is in the new F Base and has the matching Skin Food Splash. We also do have the Skin Food Lotion but are still using the old label until we run out which is white.

Moving forward I think that these Unscented products will be used more not only by people that have sensitivities to aromas but one of the foundations for the upcoming “ Mixology Collection “ where people use their own imagination to create and mix scents. 

I know a few people have been asking about an Unscented Shave Soap so in my humble opinion a good decision to side track for a coupe of hours to make this.

Oh and because I have a few more Shave Soaps to make and I’m low in stock and waiting for more 4.5 oz jars. The Unscented will only be available in the 7.5 oz size. When the jars come in “ could be a month or so as lead time are running 6 to 8 weeks  I’ll have the 4.5 oz size available also. 

Sorry for the long read but I wanted to get my thoughts out there.



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Sorry for the inconvenience.  I just posted this on Instagram and in my thread over in Soaps and Creams.  I'm going to show this Shave soap as Sold Out until the new labels arrived. 

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The new side label just came in so tomorrow it will be back in stock in the 7.5 oz size. This is the new F Base if anyone was wondering. 

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The 7.5 oz Unscented F Base is up on the site along with the matching Skin Food Splash. The 4.5 oz size will be available when the jars come in which may be awhile as I was informed by the manufacturer their lead times are 6-8 weeks. 

Thank you 

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