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Over the past nine months I have been developing my Super Click head on a Fusion Flexball body DIY hacked razor.  It has become my first pass razor (clearing the forest) razor while later passes were using an AC/SE/DE for cleanup (grinding the stumps).  It is up to v5, now including a spring to give the rig more tension.  The factory spring is just too soft. Now it is much firmer and gives a much closer shave, while also being focus free and extremely safe. 

Even though every iteration of the razor has given me great safety trepidation, in the nine months or so I have been using it, I have not had a single knick (well maybe one from gross oversight).  Taking advantage of the ~80 years of development from the Old Type to the last official Tech (the plastic Super Click) along with the millions of engineering hours from the Atra to the Fusion Flexball has produced a Business Model Breaking Multipivot DE razor.  You can get almost all the advantages of the Fusion system, but at pennies per blade replacement.  And now it is adjustable by changing the tension by adding springs to the handle, a truly villainous upgrade. 

Super easy and super fun while also being villainously unholy.

The development diary along with more photos can be found here:


[Image: IMG-5658-Copy-Copy.jpg]

[Image: IMG-7584-Copy.jpg]

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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
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Would buy.

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I might make a few for pass around and PIF some for Charity Water.  Still working out the kinks. 

I just tried the Gillette Labs razor and it is is also pretty nice. Looking forward to tinkering with it. It is mostly silent, which is a welcome feature. The Flexball is pretty loud.

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