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Houston, Texas
I had skipped shaving my head yesterday and only focused on my face. After much thought, I decided to either go back to using my multiblade on my head or alternate days with my DE.

Due to my water heater acting up after a couple of power outages during yesterday's thunderstorms. I couldn't shave my head in the shower, so tonight after a cold shower. I decided to shave my head a second time with my DE in the sink.

Intially only have my head, actually gave me a calm demenor about this shave. I lathered up with Tri-coastal White Birch and Tobacco butter. I did three passes, WTG, ATG and XTG. I took my time, swith hands when needed and the result...Wait for it!

An amazing close head shave with no nicks or cuts. I even amazed myself. I rinsed my head with cold water under the shower spicket. I finished with tea tree spray and Dove Care Men's moisturizer.

Yul Brenner, Telly Savales and Mr. Clean eat your heart's out. I'm gorgeously handsome. Whew! Another small victory.

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Look Ma, I'm wet shaving, I'm wet shaving...
Chalk another one up to the benefits of cold water shaving.

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Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

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Congrats! It only gets better from here!

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-Chris~Head Shaver~
I shave every night, alternating nights between my head and face. Summer is the best time for cool water shaves, and that is the time of the year I keep my head clean. Here in Southern Illinois we get frequent spring storms and power outages are the norm. Nothing tops a "throwback Thursday" or step back in time as a cool water shave by the light of an oil lamp.

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True irony

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Tom, you are doing an amazing job in a very short period of time.  Congratulations Mr. Gorgeously Handsome. Happy2

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Congratulations! Head shaving allows me for more great shaves, and an opportunity to exhaust my large soap collection. Big Grin

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