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Like the title says,recommend me a good horror,slasher,now I can't sleep at night flick.Mainstream horror genre just aint cuttin it lately,same old same old and I am bored out of my mind Big Grin.Last good obscure horror/suspense movie I watched was"The Babadook".Not a great movie(not bad either) just different,I like different lol.

Somebody help this member out. Recommend a horror film so that this person can sleep.

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DE Gillette
Bone Tomahawk?
That was a pretty messed up movie.


Older one;
Killer Klowns from Outer Space

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Shave yourself.

It's not exactly what I'd call horror but Trollhunter was pretty good.

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Have you seen Ringu, the original Japanese movie? It was remade a few years back in English, called The Ring. Shy

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart
Switchblade Romance ( French Subtitles ) well worth a watch though.

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The Return of Dr. X starring Humphrey Bogart. One of his lesser know movies.


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West Virginia
Thanks for the suggestions guys!!!!

Central Maine
I really liked Trollhunter! I don't think I'd call t horror either, but it was just a good mix that worked. I never knew the Norwegians could make good movies.

I agree it's hard to find good horror in contemporary flix.

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