Idaho Falls, Idaho
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So that just happened! Found a G Bar and a Flying Wing at a shop in TX. Which one am I going to like better? I have a MMOC without the bumps that shaves close but makes sure my touch is super light.

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I don't think there's much difference in the head if any (allegedly identical) so it will come down to handling where I prefer the Bullet Tip. I prefer the MMOC and Clog-Pruf to either.

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almost identical shave feel between both of them

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You shaving in the car? Might wanna get an electric Wink

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I like the G-Bar better. The handle sometimes feels bit too short though.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
I'm on the road working so won't get to give them a go until I get home to sanitize and polish but this weekend ought to be fun!

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
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Tabac Sunday! I cleaned and disinfected both the G Bar and Flying Wing and decided, because the Flying Wing functions most like the MMOC I already have, I loaded it with a Gem PTFE blade. This razor, unlike the open comb, is a no-brainer. Shave angle seems the same as the MMOC but I find it much smoother. In fact I felt it was similar to a merkur 34C (which I really like). Two days of whiskers fell effortlessly to this old, mild beauty. I used an alum block post shave to see how much sting was present. Alum told me it shaves about like the 34C. Although not as efficient as the MMOC I could have stopped at two passes. I LIKE THIS RAZOR!

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I didn't find those two similar, at all actually.
For me, the G Bar is too mild, borderline ineffective.
The Flying Wing on the other hand is a very efficient shaver and better balanced.

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