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Two razors - same shave.  One old, one new.  One stainless steel, one plated brass.  One expensive, one not.  My face can't tell them apart.
The Feather AS-D2 seems to be a Japanese copy of the Gillette Tech.  I like them both; they're both good razors, but a copy is still a copy.
In my opinion The Feather AS-D2 is a very fine razor, but is entirely derivative of the Gillette Tech.  It is not an original design.
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I totally enjoy my Techs with my favorite being the original triangle slot and the England Flat Bottom Tech. I have always wanted to get a Feather AS-D2 on one of the BST, but every time one came up, I did not have the funds to get it. I just see the AS-D2 as what a version of the Tech would be today if Gillette had kept the line open to satisfy us shave enthusiasts using quality materials. A testament to what a great design the Tech and New were is to look at all the high cost quality razors that take their basic design from one or both of them.

Seattle, WA (USA)
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I agree. As I said, they are both excellent razors. Over the years Feather has copied more than just the Tech.
They also copied the New Long Comb (as an SS travel razor), and others; even a humpback slant in the 1960s.
You can find them from time to time at high prices on eBay. They are excellent copiers, but not great innovators.
The OneBlade (which I don't own) is the most innovative & excellent razor of recent years. It is made in China,
but not of Chinese design. I may end up selling my Feather AS-D2 to buy a OneBlade. Maybe but not for sure.

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I have a Tech being Cerakote’d now as an experiment to see if we want to offer the service. Can’t wait to try one again.

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