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Philadelphia, PA
Hi all,

This brush has been sitting in my drawer for at least a year and has maybe 5-8 uses on it, 10 tops.  I see no reason to keep it around if it hasn't seen any love in that long.

Description from the TSN launch:
"This brush would have a 22 mm knot and 52 mm loft,and a blend of finest badger hair (new type) and 90% tops boar hair,so it would be like the famous Caravela brush,but with a 22 mm knot,instead of 24mm."

$50 shipped, CONUS.

[Image: 350loxd.jpg]

[Image: 7gKYgkh.jpg]

[Image: f8KQX8A.jpg]

[Image: bywZyTb.jpg]
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