First I would like to thank you , Christopher for the opportunity to win the giveaway. I just turned 71 and started back to wet shaving a few months ago. I have purchased some old Gillette razors and a Schick Injector type g. I have a few soaps but cannot afford the volume that I could if I was still working. I would love to try the Vloid  soap and aftershave. I have read so much about it from others on Shave the man. I only have 2 brushes. The brush from the Gods  and a semogue boar. I do have the joy of having most of the Fine aftershave splashes , but would enjoy so much having more. Being of the age that I am, I find it so hard to find a quality soap that retains the slickness of multiple passes with some of them without more added soap. Tiki, Soap Commanderand CB are some  of the few that I can afford that does that, along with PAA that also does it. I really could use the additional products if I am lucky enough to win. I love your shave, couch and review videos. Please keep using them, I really enjoy your down to earth honest reviews. I agree with you on most of them. I wish I could afford the latest soap in your review, the flying Mango, LOL. But the wife is curtailing any future buying as our funds will not allow future purchases. I love wet shaving and will continue as long as I can whip a lather and shave. Again, Thank you for all you do for our community of wet shavers.  Keep up the great work you do.

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Hello! I am new to traditional wet shaving. I have only one razor, a Murker 23001. 3 brushes but none that are particularly great as well as 5 soaps and 1 after shave. There is very limited supply of wet shave items here and getting them shipped in is a real pain. So some extra gear would be fantastic!
Hi Chris, and thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. I found this forum a couple of weeks back thanks to your recommendation and am really enjoying it. Seems to be a great community building here! I'm happy to find a place to interact and share information with other enthusiasts and some great artisans as well.

As far as my own personal favourite piece of shaving gear, no question it it my Above the Tie Atlas S1. I have both the S1and S2 plates, and while the S2 is awesome if I have some heavier growth, for a daily shave, I can't imagine a better tool than the S1.

I really enjoy you videos, but am glad to have this forum as a venue to interact with you and get to know other enthusiasts as well.
I can't name just one item as a favorite. For me, the fascination and beauty of wet shaving is that it is firmly anchored in tradition and the past while at the same time it is constantly evolving with an endless stream of new products and ideas. I'm 66. When I was growing up in the 1950's, all of the men I remember shaved as an essential part of grooming, but none of them were hobbyists. Back then, a middle-class man would have a safety razor (various Gillettes were the ones I remember) with blue blades, an Everready boar brush, and a brand loyal line of mug soap and aftershaves (the Old Spice line was what I saw the most). These days, I'm not alone as a hobbyist with loads of soaps/creams, brushes, safety razors, and pre/post shave products. The wife has accused me of being a hoarder and spendthrift, but she gave me a pass when I took a hint from TSE and reminded her that the wet shaving hobby is a whole lot cheaper than guns, cars, or boats. When picking favorite gear I have to give a nod to the past as well as the present and future. Past: a beautifully restored 1952 Gillette Super Speed (loaded with a Personna Lab Blue), my prized decade old Omega Pro 83 boar, Cella, and Soap Commander's tribute to Old Spice balm. Present: iKON Shave Craft 101 (PolSilver blade), Savile Row 3324, Catie's Bubbles Froot Loop scented soap, and PAA Al Fin. Future: That's the exciting part--looking forward to great shaves, new products, and watching interest in wet shaving grow.
Thanks for the opportunity for this great giveaway. My favorite shaving gear is without a doubt, the brush. To me the brush brings the shave alive, for one it creates this wonderful thick, slick, and beautiful lather. Then the brush brings out the wonderful scent profile, taking me to the beach, the woods, a barbershop, or takes me back in time when i was just a little feller. Some would say that's the soap, but to me after lathering, the scent profile changes from just straight from the container. I find myself always reaching for my Omega Pro 99% of the time. Using and working this brush is what makes my shaving experience the greatest. Happy shaves!

Thanks for creating this giveaway.

I don't have one single piece of shave gear that is my favorite. I took up traditional wet shaving about 15 months ago. Shortly after I started I when to my parents to visit and told them I had started using old double edge razors. My dad told me he though he had some of my great uncle razors around. Well, it turned out to be a treasure trove of vintage Gillette Razors dating from 1912 to the early 1960's. There was also a Rolls Razor and vintage brushes. I have enjoyed exploring and using all the vintage razors and restoring the brushes.

Oddly enough I don't have any modern razors.
Hey Chris..generous offer... big fan of your youtube vids from Canada... For me my preferred piece of gear is Razorock XXX... it really smells nice to me...as you said before in one of your vids , it is a great value for money...really gives nice glide...
How did my beard and I not know about this page? Thanks for the heads up. I want more Leroy and less TSE in the next video. 

My most prized shave hardware is my DOC. I get the best shave I have ever gotten on my big bald head. It's just an amazing razor. If I'm throwing software in here to I love my LMR. I need more bubbles soaps. The combo is just tops for me. I could go back every day. 

Thanks for the great give away. I'm excited to be on this forum. 

-Redbeard the great.
Hi Chris,

I just want to say that in my opinion these giveaways are a very very nice contribution to the wet shaving community.
And Chris, I love and enjoy your videos (I'm one of the "passive" viewers without a facebook, google or YT account).

Greetings, Oliver

P.S.: Oh, and I don't want to participate, because I'm located in Germany, and afterall I already have far too much stuff already Big Grin.
Hi Chris

I really appreciate the pointing to this forum. I'm now on it and will spend hours trying to catch up on the great content. Thanks for contributing the give-away. It might be an interesting thought to extend the use of give-aways across the community so we can share things while getting those of us who are wet shaving fans to express ides and thoughts we would not normally do because of fear of negative reactions from some of the low-brows that haunt some of the more traditional on-line forums. Well, regardless, to the point, I want to share my favorite morning items. The razor is for sure, the ATT S2. I have about 12 razors and this is the best for sure. I have a brush from each category. My favorite Synthetic is a toss up between the Plisson and the S Brush. For Board, hands down the Semogue Owners club. As far a soaps/creams, I have about 70 and I love 'em all. I am also lucky on that my shave is not all that sensitive to the various blades. I can use most with good results except this one brand called Shogun. That one rusted out in 48 hours.

Thank you for all the hard work that goes into making these videos and sponsoring these events.


P.S. If I can get your address, I have something special that I'd like to send to Leeroy that just "may" keep him occupied during your video sessions.

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