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As one who regrets what's happened to the Old Spice AS of years ago, I got interested in a lengthy thread re: same on B&B. Having had the occasion to pop the top on what's being offered, domestically, as Old Spice and realizing that it was no where near the scent that I remembered from so many years ago when I was young and wet shaving, I was totally disappointed. Granted, scent recollection after such a long absence will be iffy, but this was not even in the ballpark! Not unpleasant, but too floral and fruity to be the right stuff.

The considered opinion of those in the thread was that the product being made in India, under license, either is the exact same formula or so close to it as to be indistinguishable from it. Armed with that unassailable knowledge, I headed to the "Bay", located the stuff described in the thread and ordered a 150ml bottle. A day less than 3 weeks later it arrived. It cost the princely sum of $13.70 incl. shipping. The packaging was very well done and looked as if it would have withstood any of the treatments shippers are known for.

Trembling, I opened it, shook out a small puddle of it into my hand and applied it to my face. By George, I think they've got it! On the money or as close to it as I can remember! Wunderbar! Now my cabinet contains the same 4 products as in those halcyon days of yore. Aqua Velva, Mennen Skin Bracer, Pinaud Clubman and the original Old Spice!

By the above admission, I'm showing my lack of sophistication, and I'm still 80 years old with a body that looks it and feels like it, but my head is swimming amongst the scents that I once loved and still do.

[Image: weFtdv0.jpg]

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Does Mean I Must Buy High End Shaving Gear?

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We're as young as we want to be, beamon, and I think you have that down pat. Happy2

Enjoy that Old Spice.

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Congrats, beamon!  Yet another thing to add to the ever growing list of shaving related stuff!

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