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Hi Guys,

I am going on Holiday very soon, and I am planning on bringing my shaving gear with me.

For the razor and the brush I have gotten a small leather pouch and a plastic tube, but I don't know how to bring my soaps, since most of the tubs are 5+ oz.

How do you guys travel with your favorite soaps? Do you leave them at home, and bring something like a stick or a tube of cream?

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Why not get samples from your favorite artisans?
I would just pick one soap for the trip and carry that tub around. If you want variety, I suppose you can sample out multiple soaps into a pill-jar organizer like this. They are about the size of the Maggard sample jars and can screw together. But you'd have to scoop out the sample into a dish for lathering.

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I usually use Arko stick. It's cheap and very good, perfect to travelling. This combo works well Smile[Image: qjr6mnJ.jpg]
I just bring 2 or 3 along for the ride.  Not too concerned about space.  I used to bring shaving sticks to save space, now I just pack one less pair of jeans and bring full pucks.

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Sticks is the answer, simple and convenient. I make those just for that purpose.

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Sticks are great for traveling as everyone else has said. The other option is scooping soap into smaller containers.

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[Image: FoIQcNs.jpg]I prefer LaToja shaving stick. The plastic cap is great, no mess
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I heard its only liquids, gels and lotions that count. that solid soaps don't like soap bars. and isn't only for carry on?
I mostly travel by car if I do travel, so taking a small 4 oz tin of soap wouldn't be a problem its not like they that big compared to sticks.

"You are allowed to bring one small bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes through the checkpoint. These are limited to 3.4 ounces or less per container. Consolidating these containers in the small bag separate from your carry-on baggage enables TSA officers to screen them quickly."

so maybe just bring hard milled soaps that aren't a cream or paste. guess for me that would mean arko puck. dang my PPA is 3.5 , wonder why they chose 3.4 oz
I carry a 4 oz tub of soap always when I travel. It's generally a lightly scented neutral type of soap. Currently it's B&M latha. I'm about halfway done with the tub. I then carry a handful of aftershave samples so I can change it up. I have never had any issues traveling but I generally check my toiletries in my suitcase. So I may b of no help to this thread!

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