Ohio USA
Handcrafted Resin Semi Translucent Deep Blue Shaving Brush Handle 26mm Knot (not included)

Original Casting was Clear resin with 4 shades of Blue dye and 1 white dye. Top shows translucency due to machining for knot. Height 2 ⅝", Diameter 1 ⅝" Drilled for 24/26mm Knot (not included)
[Image: SfdRgPu.jpg?1][Image: Mzim8q4.jpg?1][Image: JRDKg1v.jpg?1][Image: sw3ZqNc.jpg?1]

Also did a few Man Cave Engraved Maple signs for your perusal:
[Image: jDKTK3H.jpg?1][Image: IwWztBV.jpg?1]
More info on my Etsy Site here:


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