As usual we gave/received some pen and writing related Christmas gifts in the PhilNH5 household.
[Image: umhTPoX.jpg]
From the left:
A Pineider Avatar UR fountain pen for ML.
Edelstein Star Ruby Ink and matching Pelican M205 fountain pen for Phil
TWSBI ink collection
Leather pen display case for Phil

[Image: LoH6NW5.jpg]
ML's Pineider is beautiful. The color is Neptune Blue. It has a magnet to hold the cap close. The cap bottom ring is  based on the Florence skyline as this pen is made in Italy. It is a medium nib and writes very well. ML likes it.

[Image: HzKiksq.jpg]
This is the Edelstein 2019 Special Edition pen and Ink set in star ruby. This is my third pen in this series. I have an extra fine nib. This makes the pen scratchy but I find that it helps my penmanship.

[Image: 99UYfSu.jpg]
This is TWSBI's foray into inks as they are a pen manufacturer. From their website:
This 6 pack series of inks we created from a book written in 1791 called "Dream of Red Chambers". It's one of China's 4 great classical novels and we picked colors out of the buildings and descriptions within this book for this series of ink. 
For a limited time only
Color: Sky Blue, Emerald Green, Royal Purple, Pink, Orange, Prairie Green

The bottles are 18 mLs and very cute. The holder they came in looks like plastic but is 100% cardboard and is recyclable. I like the colors except for the prairie green as I am partial to bright colors. I inked 4 pens and they all handled well in my limited test.

[Image: v4JbS1V.jpg]
ML testing her pen and one of the TWSBI inks.

Yes another good Christmas here in NH!!

I hope every one's was enjoyable.

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Central Maine
I don't use fountain pens anymore but did decades ago (we all did!). But what I can do is enjoy nicely made functional items that are also things of beauty. Very nice!

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Very nice

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