You know, anything that mentions soap, I'm there. Saw this while cruising the news sites today. I remember buying some olive oil soap at the farmers markets and flea markets when I traveled Turkey. I'm sure what I bought wasnt made to these specs, but was a nice experience just the same.

I like the way they have kept their traditional methods in place. My internet sucks so not all of the pictures would load, but what did load looked cool.


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Very cool- thanks for sharing. I did some googling looking for buying options but came up empty.
When I was over there, and in the bigger supermarkets, there was a HUGE selection of olive oil soaps. Not speaking or reading the language was probly my largest barrier in deciphering the differences between the maker and brands available. That said, olive and lemons are a cornerstone of the culture and embedded in almost everything. In addition, I bet their supply network is severely limited. Those bars are huge though. I bet one bar would last me a month in my shower stall.

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Great read and thanks for the link! I would love to try a few of those bars for my baths. Happy
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(04-08-2016, 04:54 PM)kwsher Wrote: Very cool- thanks for sharing. I did some googling looking for buying options but came up empty.

I did find this but didnt see a link to purchase. I didnt take the time to read it entirely either. I will come back to it and look closer.

This is the closest I could find.


I read another article on "two keys olive oil soap" brand. The company's owner says they are limited in their distribution to the domestic market and Jordan. So likely we might find that specific brand outside of those 2 places.

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