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I have a blk12, Simpsons duke 3 best and a frosted blue badger and blade boar.  The razor a DLC SS stealth.  The brushes are all in great shape but the Duke 3 will lose a hair every few uses.  Still looking for trades but also putting prices on the brushes.  

Blk12  $175.00.  This comes with the rad box and a large Turkish shaving bowl that can handle this beast of a brush.

Duke3 $70.00

B and B boar is sold 

The stealth has a few imperfections and one decent size one on the base cap.

Looking to try some new items and willing to make sure both parties get a good deal in the end.

Looking for a king cobra or a oneblade.  I know these are rare and expensive items and I will be adding money to my razor in the trade.[Image: Ok1NfMz.jpg][Image: oiMppRl.jpg][Image: AoMVixY.jpg]
If you put For Sale or trade RR Stealth Slant in you description you'll probably find you'll be fighting off people with a stick for it and would get more interest in your other items.

New Mexico, US
I agree with you but its not that I'm really wanting to sell the razor. I have wanted a king cobra for a while. I really like the stealth and am more then happy to keep it, but I dont mind letting it go to so I can get a cobra. Wouldn't mind even letting someone try the stealth while I try their king cobra, just not to sure about that being allowed through this forum. The brushes I would more likely to sell.
That would be fine, it's really what works between both parties, good luck.

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hi would like to get that blk12 if you still have it for sell

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