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I purchased 2 Hallows during the 2014 Hallows release. This soap is special for many reasons, but I forsee I will not be using it as much as I thought. But that doesn't mean I value it any less. So I have decided I want to let one of my 2 tubs go. If I find a dance partner here, they can choose the wrapped or unwrapped tub. Here is what I want;

Vanille (yes, you read that right. NOT the Lavanille)
Winter Spice

My soap is not for sale, but only for trade for an UNUSED tub of one of the 3 named above. Consider this a hail Mary pass at the end of the game to find something I really really want, and am willing to trade a pristine version of soap I value highly. Again, my Hallows is not for sale, and all other trade offers will more than likely be declined.

[Image: Q2Co1NT.jpg]

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Very cool......wish i had one of em. GLWTT
Found a trade partner!

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