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Love everything about this Wolfman except for one little thing. It's too aggressive for me.

Stainless steel WR1-OC, polished with standard gap. WRH2 handle, and stand.

I've owned it for a few months and used it steadily for about a month and half.  Purchased off the TSN BST.

Looking to swing a trade for an interesting Simpson 2-band (not Polo or Tulip), M&F 2XL Tortoise (possibly other colors), or Weber DLC. Open to other ideas.

If a trade doesn't work out in a day or so then I'll sell it for what I paid. Please respect that I am only looking for trade offers at this time and not sale offers.

**Update: received many great offers, but no trade made yet. Giving it one more day to find a trade before putting it up for sale**

[Image: 6VAzxhl.jpg]
[Image: 4NcIqrQ.jpg]
[Image: KL77r9F.jpg]


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You have a PM
Traded. Thank you to everyone that sent offers and DFS!

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