Gatineau, QC, Canada
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Here some photos from recent trip to Toronto CN Tower and some old Trains next to the Museum not bad cool to see history and rare Pieces..

Also we visited Ripleys Aquarium and to see some some rare fish species and Sharks..

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Alan H

[Image: lSztgpZ.jpg][Image: k2Km2H1.jpg][Image: 7iQnpVF.jpg][Image: MTjhWog.jpg][Image: xcrZNkl.jpg][Image: gNFv6Mu.jpg][Image: 34DNusO.jpg][Image: ag4RhiO.jpg][Image: VpSjgha.jpg][Image: n5swBsu.jpg][Image: wY99xDX.jpg]My daughter & son Adam[Image: RqsXRT0.jpg][Image: PBk6WIi.jpg][Image: k1jID36.jpg]Few Sharks around fair size..[Image: fuiwEkj.jpg][Image: xCAl5gK.jpg]Sea Pen’s[Image: Kmndqc5.jpg]She was above great view to see..[Image: DpiN2CD.jpg][Image: F9rEFZ1.jpg]

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Wow, thanks for sharing these!

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