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Topic: Importance of a Soap's Post-Shave Feel

Ok guys. I know many guys have said that post shave feel doesn't matter or doesnt mean much to them. For me and I'm sure many other Wet Shavers, Post Shave Feel is THE most important aspect of a soap, either due to suffering from dry skin or plainly becuase they just love when a soap leaves the face moisturized and smooth.

Rationale: Post Shave feel should be one of the most important factors on soap since its the one aspect of the shave you get to appreciate the most, since you will be feeling your face all day and thus, the post shave feel really adds to the experience of soap (or breaks it, when is a bad post shave feel). I would say is right up there with slickness.

Let's face it, we only spend about 20 mins shaving and its done. But we will spend the entire day with the post shave feel of that said soap (assuming ceteris paribus, while other variables remaining constant, like the balm you use, weather, etc). I am a self proclaimed "faceturbator" and I know a lot of you are as well.

When I'm feeling the face during the day and it feels dry and harsh, it really turns me off from the soap and such soap is discarded from my den automatically. On the contrary, if the face feels soft and moustirized, it really grabs my attention and love for such soap. Its no wonder my top tier soaps are all very moisturizing, since that's my #1 Criteria on a soap.

What do you guys think?

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This is a good question. I never gave it a single thought until I used MW. I do not think it is the MOST important attribute. If the soap/cream lacks residual slickness, then you will be spending a lot of time relathering. If it lacks glide (slickness), that's not good at all. If it lacks cushion, you might cut yourself or not get a close shave. All these attributes have different weights to different people.

But I've also found that a good post-shave feel can be found using a good balm. I've found Soap Commander balms, although not quite the same as the results of MW soap, come close, or better to say "good enough".

So no, I do not think its THE most important attribute as the same results can be achieved to a certain degree in post shave.

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Variety is the spice of life.

Not everyone has the same complexion.

Thankfully not all soaps are heavy on the moisturizer. I enjoy a nice rich post shave feel in the cold of winter. I can get the same effect with after shave balms if needed though.

In the summer, I am looking for something "cleaner" feeling when rinsed.

Post shave feel is important. I'm interested in a very different feel though.

Usually I do not want a product that lingers long into the day.

Post shave feel comes a distant third to me after in-shave performance and scent.

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Shave yourself.
I find that the post shave is the least of my criteria. Mainly because I can control face moisture with post shave products.

It is hard to control slickness or scent ( my two factors) with anything other than the soap.

So factors I can offload to another product are less critical to me. Though if soap has all three then it is going to fair better.

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Post shave is low in my criteria list. As a head-only shaver, I dont really have a lot of issues with dry skin or breakouts. When I am feeling a nit dried out, I can counter it with any number of different moisturizers both made for post shave and made for general moisturizing. There are many suitable products that work for me in keeping my skin well nourished.

More important to me is slickness, residual slickness, and cushion.

Scent comes right between cushion and post shave, primarily, again, because I shave my hrad only, the scent is not right up under my nose so it isnt as important...

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I have a lot of issues with dry skin, especially in the winter, but post shave is near the bottom of my criteria just above scent. I do enjoy a soap with a good post face feel but I don't require it and the only time I really worry about the post shave feel is if the soap is irritating or very drying.

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This is yet another case of ymmv. Slickness and cushion are more important than post shave for me. However, post shave is still important to me for a few reasons. I love the feeling it leaves when rinsing my face after the shave, and how smooth it leaves my skin before I apply my aftershave. Also, I sometimes prefer to wear a splash which can be drying, and skip the balm, in which case a soap with a good post shave will leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

A shave soap is meant to provide a barrier between skin and blade, allowing the blade to cut the hair without irritating the skin. A post shave balm is designed to soothe, nourish, and moisturize the skin post shave. Of course there are many soaps that provide such great post shave qualities that a balm isn't required, but a quality balm will always provide at least the same level of moisturizing and nourishment in my experience. Notice I said quality balm, which for me means a balm with quality oils and butters, as opposed to a bunch of chemicals or other ingredients I can hardly pronounce. The balms I use are more similar to lotions, and I use them as lotions quite often. I look at it like this, if I want to moisturize my face in the middle of the day I will apply a lotion or balm. I suppose I could face lather a shave soap and rinse it off, but that just doesn't make sense to me.

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(04-15-2016, 01:41 AM)momor Wrote: I find that the post shave is the least of my criteria. Mainly because I can control face moisture with post shave products.

It is hard to control slickness or scent ( my two factors) with anything other than the soap.

So factors I can offload to another product are less critical to me. Though if soap has all three then it is going to fair better.

Slickness is my most important factor too but you can add slickness with a preshave soap or something like Noxzema but scent is hard to deal with unless you are good with adding EOs but then you probably should just get another soap if you have to go that far.

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Good topic. I'm with those that appreciate a good post shave feel, yet it's not high on my list of the most important factors. The reason is that between the time I'm done shaving and the time I apply Thayers with Aloe is maybe 30 seconds. So, for me, post shave feel is always the feel of the Thayers rather than the feel of the soap. After that it's AS time, by then any effects that the soap may have had, for good or ill, are mostly gone.

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Since I don't have sensitive skin is not that important but I do take it in consideration.

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