I love my Wacker razors, and there are other standouts in my collection that I enjoy immensely.  

However, these are probably my favorite 7 razors of the bunch! They are all in mint condition, and are tremendous shavers (though I believe the Sub Cero to be unused).

Left row starting at top:

- Unused Second Generation  Filarmonica 14 Sub Cero.  I am growing a two week beard for its first shave, and will be fixing this situation a week from Monday.  This razor came from an elderly lady in Michigan via EBay.

- First Generation Filarmonica 14 Doble Temple with gold on face still intact!

- Filarmonica 14 (JMP) reground to extra hollow by Salamanca with the Salamanca Stamp on the back of the tang.  The cutlery shop that reground this razor 70+ years ago is still in business today!  I am not sure if this was first or second generation...probably end of first, or beginning of the second based off the tang markings.

- Kron Vest 14 Gran Mogol Triple Medalla.  There are not too many of these around, and this came to me in new old stock condition.

Right Row Starting at top:

- Circa 1924 French LE Hyalin 7/8 Frame-back...horn scales with the bark left on, and Sterling silver pins and washers.  The gentleman I purchased this razor from bought it from a gent in Germany who took the time to restore it.  The German had tremendous talent...the fit, finish, and look are simply stunning!  I will also say that this particular razor is one of my top shavers.

- Circa 1850 The Celebrated For Barbers Use 9/8 Wade and Butcher; restored by Max Sprecher and dressed in his Blue Paua Shell Scales.  Max did a tremendous job, and is a gentleman of tremendous talent.  I cherish this razor.

- Heljestrand approximate 7/8 MK 133

I would assess the Le Hyalin, Kron Vest, and Salamanca to be irreplaceable.  The other four would be very difficult, and costly to replace!



[Image: N1R8w57.jpg][Image: d9INgJZ.jpg][Image: nPesN9t.jpg][Image: G2cJma6.jpg]

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Awesome! I like the storage case and silica packets Matt. Nice little writeup on your straights. Looking forward to shaving with some very soon! Smile
Thanks Zac!  Yes...you will likely enjoy getting into straights.  They are fun to use and collect!



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Just when I think I have it figured out...SCARGILL comes along, and bumps the MK133 out of the top 7!



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