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I love lavender and I would like to hear everyone's input on what your best lavender scents are..

I just got CB Ménage a Lavande and, wow it is exactly what I was looking for.

What do you guys like for your lavender soaps?

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Ménage a Lavande is really great stuff. I'm also a big fan of Sapone di Paolo's Piccante and Le Pere Lucien's Traditional scent.

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For soaps, my favorite is C&S Oxford and Cambridge, followed closely by MdC original. My top lavender cream is easily Castle Forbes Lavender.
MDC Original, Mikes Natural Hungarian Lavender, Mystic Water Jeff's Lavender

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B&M Latha Lavanda/Black Label Lavender. Followed really closely by CB Menage a Lavande and LASSCo Woody Lavender.

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Mystic Water Jeff's Lavender is my favourite.

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I wish I could get some Yardley Lavender shave soap That is the best scent ever

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The RR Chianti Lavender is more my speed. Like the Baxter lavender AS balm as well.
Barrister and Mann Black Label Lavender. The Black label soaps perform the best for me and the scent is perfect.
Martin de Candre Original
L'Occitane L'Occitan Balm and EDT is the best lavender frag I have found but I have a custom coming from Chatillon Lux that I believe will be my new favorite.
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KMF Lavender Shea, it's a cream but the scent is amazing and I recommend it
Speick stick and cream
Meissner Tremonia Lavender de Luxe

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