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Hi Chris have you tried Kal blades, I find these to be as sharp as a feather blade but smooth as the crystal blades.
Polsiver super iridium
Gillette silver blue
Persona med

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Its interesting that as I rattled off my 5 favorite blades they were the same ones. Except on the Personna rung, the Israeli Personnas are the only ones I care for in the bunch.

1. GSB
2. Pol Silver
3. Astra SP (if I included value like CDB did these would be higher but I was thinking purely shave performance)
4. Feather
5. Israeli Personna
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Old and out of production. "Vintage" Anyone?

Some of the best blades I've tried are vintage.

Fun and not all that expensive to try some here and there.
Not really as rare as you might think to come across some of them.

Ones from the 60s to early 80s are my favorites. The height of smoothness and longevity in DE blades I think.

Personnas, Wilkinson Swords, Gillettes, and Schicks from that time are the most well regarded I've seen.
Store brands can also be found frequently of the same vintage at a significant discount to the branded ones. I suspect many are really one of the bigger brand's blade anyway that were just co-packed. The same holds true today with many 'generic' products.

Finding new old stock DE razor blades is a fun way for me to enjoy the thrill of the hunt I guess while not making such a painful dent in my Paypal like other shaving gear can.
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The best overall blade I've ever tried is the Personna 74 but they are pricey. I put 18 shaves on one of them.

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My top 5:

1-Gillette 7oclock green
2-Gillette Silver Blue
3-Gillette 7oclock yellow
4-Astra SP
5-Wilkinson Sword

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I'm still testing but here are the ones I like the best so far. I will be testing Feather, Kai, and others again, just havent gotten to them in the rotation yet. Kai is the most expensive of all of them - by far.

Gillette Silver Blue
Gillette 7oclock black
Astra SP
1. Perma-Sharp Super
2. Astra SP
3. Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum Blacks
4. Feather
5. Personna Reds
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I like 'em sharp and relatively unadulterated!

Personna med prep
Personna lab blue
Astra SP
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Wizamet Super Iridium; wonderfully sharp, smooth and long-lasting. Shy
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