Hey everyone. I think I have narrowed my choices down to some inexpensive Razorock soap in the tobacco scent. To my surprise, they have several different ones. I was looking for something not too sweet, but bold.

Which RR tobacco soap would fit the bill? Thank you .
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SMdF would be my first choice. Tobacco with some vanilla.

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I agree with Bruce- Santa Maria del Fiore is one of my favorite tobacco scented soaps and is a super value.

I have been on a tobacco kick lately and have also recently picked up RR Zi' Peppino. I think this would fit too and is a solid performer.

I also suggest to go for Santa Maria del Fiore, which offers great scent and performance.
Tobacco #2 has a pleasant, dark, earthy, smoky scent. If you don't like sweet scents, avoid Tobacco #1.

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