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I saw this razor being discussed in another thread.

has anyone used it before? thoughts? is anyone printing and assembling them for sale?

you can download the files to print on your own if you want: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3875898

photos are from thingiverse:

[Image: gQERNhJ.jpg]

[Image: gRcJCgD.png]

[Image: zqefJ7U.png]

[Image: W3fzQQW.png]

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The TNNSER has piqued my curiosity, so l too am interested in buying one.
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A guy at ATG 3D printed a run of clear ones and sold them to other forum members at cost, I think...I thought they look really cool, myself.  I think they use GEM blades, which I didn't get along with when I tired a couple years ago.  But again, they look cool though!!

EDIT:  I had a brain cramp.  I was thinking of AC blades; those are the ones that did not agree with my face at all.

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The current TNNSER (Tom's No Name Single Edge Razor) is partially based on an older TNNSER model that wet shaving enthusiast Tom White produced a couple years ago (2018). This current derivation was produced in a team effort by Tom and his wet shaving buddy (and awesome shave brush maker! - see pic #2 below) Jim. They created the design together and then Jim had a 3D print shop near him print the parts, he assembled them by hand, then passed them to fellow wet shavers at cost. Other wet shavers used the free files to create other ones like the translucent and blue ones. They weren't meant to be made and "sold" for profit.

With that said, I love mine. It has been given a permanent place in my rotation . I kept the black one and gave the green one to a friend that I introduced to wet shaving. If you search on YouTube, Jim (Jayaruh) has a couple shaving videos illustrating how well and easy it shaves. It provides a very efficient shave with Gem blades - I recommend stainless steel, not carbon steel blades. Read some of the posts from guys that received them. It's a very effective shaver, looks great, and was designed, produced, and hand assembled in the USA . It's great in my book. As always, YMMV.

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AFAIK Andreas aka riverrun did all the work of modifying the file to a printable STL. No idea who Jim might be.

Putting cudos aside, the TNNSER is great. Efficiency around an MMOC while cheap as chips and sort of in production today.


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I'm waiting for an AC version of the TNNSER.
I need to get my hands on one of these to try.

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(02-22-2020, 02:59 AM)tsimmns Wrote: I need to get my hands on one of these to try.
Exactly what I think ever time I see them. Would love a green one with the black writing on it.......
I have a clear resin version that looks like frosted glass
I've made multiple inquiries of people who know people with access to 3D printing, and have thus far been unsuccessful in finding someone to make me one of these. I'd really like a clear resin version (like the one the guy at ATG forums produced).

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