I am looking to purchase my first Titanium DE razor. Daily shaver who finds aluminum too light and stainless steel too heavy. Looking for smooth yet efficient along the lines of a Henson +++. Any suggestions are appreciated. 

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Maybe the Blackland Blackbird.

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Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
Titanium Diamondback

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Yates 921 Titanium H or EH plate

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Mike Distress
New Jersey
I really love my Titanium Timeless razor. The least you can expect to spend would be around $230 on it. No idea what your price range may be and not busting anyone's chops, just giving you an idea. That's the basic .68 matte finish.

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integritas pietas fortitudinem
Titanium Blackbird (safety bar) is without doubt the best razor I've ever used. And they have the 30-day trial period so you can get your money back if you don't like it, which I cannot imagine.

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The BB may be a great razor but I’m not sure it’s worth a $110 premium over the Timeless.
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(03-18-2024, 10:10 PM)StephenG Wrote: The BB may be a great razor but I’m not sure it’s worth a $110 premium over the Timeless.

Difficult question… and, sorry to state the obvious, but unfortunately nobody will be able to answer it for you, unless/ until you try both…

I’ve had the 0.95 Timeless Ti for a few years now.
I wasn’t sure if 0.95 might be too much, as I’m a daily shaver… even emailed Timeless at the time, to get their opinion.
Long story short, it’s a brilliant razor, quite efficient and extremely smooth, and can work as a daily shaver (at least for me…).

I’ve been debating for a long time about whether I should get a Blackbird Ti… kept reading about the blade feel (and I wasn’t a big fan of it…), how efficient, or even “aggressive”, it is, and therefore it’s not really a daily shaver, as one wouldn’t even need to shave after only 24 hours, etc, etc.
I decided to get one in the end, and I love it.
Yes, more blade feel compared to the Timeless (or most other razors I’ve used..), but in no way uncomfortable, I actually like it. Surprisingly smooth, and a bit more efficient than the 0.95 Timeless, but I can still use it as a daily shaver, and have done so for the last 3 months or so.

But I wouldn’t really be able to answer your question on whether it’s worth the extra 110$… as that’s down to personal experience and choice… I suspect you would enjoy both, but no idea which one you’d prefer, or whether you would be happy to justify spending the extra money on the Blackbird…

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Mike Distress
New Jersey
(03-18-2024, 10:10 PM)StephenG Wrote: The BB may be a great razor but I’m not sure it’s worth a $110 premium over the Timeless.

It is absolutely true that only you could decide if the price difference is worth it, which is impossible to do without owning both razors. I do own both. They are very different razors. The Blackbird is known for being a bit more aggressive site, and having quite a bit of bite to it. At least in terms of blade feel. The Timeless 0.95 titanium open comb that I have is efficient but it is a ridiculously smooth shaver. If you’re not a fan of a reasonable to significant amount of blade feel, you would do better with the Timeless , and it also happens to work out that is less expensive of the two.

And that is by no means a knock on Blackland, I have the Blackbird in every metal they’ve made it out of and I love them all. I’m also a fan of blade feel and somewhat more aggressive razors. Just trying to give you an idea of how they differ so you can decide as to which one might be more your preference.

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integritas pietas fortitudinem
Can’t argue with most of the above but add the Nodachi and Carbon CX

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