Does anyone prefer a titanium handle on their timeless? I'm wondering if the bulkier head will be to heavy for titanium. Although I know it's all ymmv
Thank you
I was stuck on a larger Timeless handle on the Timeless razor for the longest time. I recently tried a UFO Colibri (a much smaller handle) and I find the combination to be exceptional for me. I'd recommend that you experiment to see what works best for you. Try shorter and longer as well as heavier and lighter handles as the handle length does make a big difference as well.

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I use a Hempel UFO Ti handle, and it works great for me. That said, I wouldn't put a super light/thinner Ti handle with it.


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When I had my Timeless SS razor heads .68 & .95, I used a few of my Stork Titanium handles, 90 & 95 mm, and they worked very well with the heads. I didn't find much of an imbalance with that combination.
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