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What do you all use to polish up your timeless bronze. I want to shine up a used one I just recieved

Any ideas on brass as well ?

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I polished my one yesterday with MAAS. Excellent result Happy2, like new:

[Image: v13CDcs.jpg]

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Barkeeper's friend or Brasso either of which can be picked up at walmart.

I don't like barkeeper's friend as well as Brasso. It's a powder like commet and I find that Brasso which is like car wax, performs better. Both can be used on stainless steel and brass and I have used the both on all my razors safely and effectively.

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I just asked this question of a guy on another site, but then I realized I had some Sunshine Cloth -- which I use for fine fountain pens on the silver clip and blind cap.
I was surprised to find some marks/water stains I don't know what you'd call them on my new Timeless Bronze OC after 2 shaves, and I did wash and dry it carefully after each shave, but there they were -- we have very hard well water, maybe that's why.  Anyway, the cloth took the stains right away.

(04-08-2018, 09:28 AM)GSVwetshave Wrote: I polished my one yesterday with MAAS. Excellent result Happy2, like new:

[Image: v13CDcs.jpg]

Timeless made such a beautiful razor with the SB Bronze, I may have to give it another go sometime.

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I asked the guys at Timeless and they said -- "It comes clean with Barkeeper’s Friend or any other bronze cleaner.  I have coated one with some Protectaclear, which is just a clear protectant for metals.  It works great."

I found Barkeeper's Friend on Amazon in a liquid --


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Mass is the best brass/metal polish I have found. I think it is really auto rubbing compound or polish? Chrome polish for the auto seems to work as well. I let my Timeless get tarnished, polished it up which took quite a bit of effort and then coated with Renaissance wax which seems to protect the fish very well. So far in a couple of months, one polish session and then the Renaissance wax. Everything bronze and brass tarnishes easily. That's just the way the mop flops!

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