First shave with the Timeless aluminum. Purchased as scratch & dent.
Blade: Gillette Nacet, first use
Soap: Speick cream
Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Familia
[Image: 6TGQCqE.jpg]
I am on the road, traveling for work, helping my parents this weekend as they have recently moved. Employing a member of my mom's teddy bear collection to help present today's shave.

First shave with the Timeless aluminum. This was a very comfortable and efficient shave. Three irritation-free comfortable passes on the face left a nearly BBS shave. Really an extraordinary result for the first time using this razor. The comfort level was very high. No irritation at all. Jawline is not BBS, but completely acceptable with no burn. What a very comfortable face shave.

Head shave was BBS in 2 passes. Awesome! I brought my go-to Henson medium as a backup, but it was not needed today.

To get such very good results in a hurry in an unfamiliar environment is a great testimony to the awesomeness of the Timeless aluminum. At the scratch & dent price, I can't express how happy I am. Even it if has scratches and dents (I can't detect any, but I haven't looked very hard yet), this is an awesome shaver at an extraordinary price.

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