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Beginning in early August of 2108 I saw some nice items in a DFS Post regarding TiBam (YAZON 87) items (I also saw them on ebay earlier).

I was able to obtain a UFO GRAND TiTan L (Titanium) Handle in early 2018, but with a diameter of 20.2mm, it definitely needs a CUSTOM Stand!
20.2mm is enough to set it on its base, BUT not securely enough, at least for me.

I contacted TiBam (YAZON 87) via a PM and started the process of getting the Custom Stand. Since the handle is Titanium (and Titanium items are readily available from Russia), I requested the stand be made from this alloy. Soon after I started the 'process', I was able to obtain a BRASS Wolfman WR1 in .74mm GAP with a WHR2 handle. NO stand was included, so I also requested a stand for it in polished Brass.

Since I wanted 'close tolerances' I used my Starrett Dial Caliper to take measurements, since it is very accurate (at least accurate enough for wet shaving items).

My communication with YAZON 87 was EXCELLENT, even with the Russian 'Language Barrier'. He was very accommodating, fast, determined to satisfy my rather tight specifications, and a pleasure to deal with. To make sure the Ti Stand would properly fit the UFO Grand, he made a 'Template' (marked 20.24), which was included with the Ti stand (wraped separately and placed in the 'hole' of the stand.

Below are some photos, with comments. I will also include Specifications of the stands, a Timeline of the shipping (Delay was after arrival in New York), and other information, under the photos: JAY

Here is a photo of my Dial Caliper, showing the diameter of the WHR2 handle, 14.38mm (PMd to YAZON 87)

[Image: rtzQLuc.jpg]

Bottom of the Stands, notice the drain holes and 'cutout', as well as the 20.24 Template

[Image: ljGMcio.jpg]

Both Stands with both Handles

[Image: EZ5oFvR.jpg]

BRASS WR1 with Brass Stand

[Image: bVmV6c2.jpg]

Titanium Stand with UFO Grand TiTan L Handle

[Image: tYsPbjK.jpg]


-Beginning of August, 2018: Start communication

-PayPal Payment Aug. 09, Titanium Stand, $65 USD

-PayPal Payment Aug. 11, BRASS Stand, $55 USD

-BOTH Shipped Aug. 13, from Russia

-Arrived New York, USA Aug. 24 (Delayed here)

-DELIVERED: Sept. 11


Titanium Razor Stand, Polished, Specifications:
(Per, MY Starrett Dial Caliper)
-Included ‘Template’ stamped 20.24, measured 20.26mm
Inside Diameter (Hole): 20.35mm
Outside Diameter : 50.04mm
Height (Depth) : 17.75mm
WEIGHT : 117 grams

BRASS Razor Stand, Polished, Specifications:
Inside Diameter (Hole): 14.50mm
Outside Diameter : 45.01mm
Height (Depth) : 14.68mm
WEIGHT : 162 grams

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