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Hi--I am a new member here and a long time wet-shaver. I am going back to strictly SE shaving (again) so I am going to sell my DE's. Since I am new to this site, I am selling these here, and taking 25-40 percent off list price,as sort of a hello to all the members. I am very impressed with the philosophy of this forum,compared to the other sites. Anyway,here are the items for sale:

1-Gold-Plated Futur---about 7 months old----retails for $85.00---asking $50 plus $5 for shipping

2- Delta Echo New--- plated in all black----I paid 89.00 about 4 months ago----asking $45.00 plus $5 for shipping

3-Rosegold R41 (2013)  retails for between $72-$85 on the web--- about 6 months old----asking $45.00 plus 5 for shipping

If anyone wants to buy all 3 razors I will include a free Fatip razor--asking $120 for all 4 razors

I clean my razors after every shave and never leavr a blade in them after shaving. (learned that habit from carbon Gems)

Anyway,thanks for looking and these pics are with a camera ph[Image: vZAlSz4.jpg][Image: pykFmGz.jpg][Image: k5vQjvj.jpg]one so not the greatest[Image: VD74Mit.jpg].
BARRY--- BBS OR BUST---- Modern Razors Only
I'll take them all

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BARRY--- BBS OR BUST---- Modern Razors Only

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