I came across this new Razor design and you can reserve it for a dollar. i'm a fan of the Vector Ti and the Shield Avenger Ti. Just wanted to know everyone's thoughts on this. I have added a link to it and sharing a few pics as well.


[Image: 671FEFb.jpeg]

[Image: mnQIfYS.jpeg]

[Image: dr5xLXc.jpeg]

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Looks like the blade is clamped quite securely. The Soloedge has really taken off. Leaf did not continue to innovate or improve, so they are getting disrupted.

I'd rather not give a mystery HK website my CC though.

That little screw/bolts looks to be easily permalost down the drain, lol.

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Looks like marketing to me. A de razor with the head covered on one side and attached to the handle at an angle that my wrist already handles fine. A solution in search of a problem that isn't there but that's just me.

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Nice design.

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They should do a passaround, I'd be interested in trying it, but not interested enough to throw money at it otherwise.

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