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Just wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Tatara razors. Their name seems to be creeping up more and more on the forums, with very favourable reviews in the main describing fantastic build quality and excellent shaving characteristics.

My Masamune in Ti is an exceptional DE razor and I have been very impressed so far. 
Quote:I was looking for a milder shaving razor as I can suffer from sensitive skin and being a daily shaver out of necessity for my job, having a razor that doesn’t cause me irritation is a must for me.The Masamune let’s me shave daily and allows me to shave consecutively throughout the week with no fuss or drama..the shave is mild but still retains good blade feel, and above all is efficient enough for me to get through my day still looking presentable come 5 O,clock. There is audible feedback from the razor and blade and in the Ti version it is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre around the face and neck.

Blade choice is personal and I would recommend trying a few and assessing what’s right for you.

You can also mix and match base and top plates to accommodate your requirements.

I did have a few concerns about the handle and the dimples and whether the design would give enough security and grip…I needn’t have worried as the combination of the dimples and the sandblasted finish makes for a great touch point interaction…yes we will all have preferences for design, length, width and a multitude of other things but as for grip, absolutely no dramas at all, it in fact beats more knurled handles I have for grip security…seriously don’t let questions over grip put you off getting one.

Faultless, and I mean faultless build quality, great packaging showcasing some of what Portugal is famous for (cork) and an attention to detail that shines through make this a true star in my eyes. Exceedingly happy I took the plunge and a razor that I will be keeping.

No idea why the box saying quote appeared from with my txt within it…ooops

[Image: 5u5njsY.jpg][Image: 7r5npOF.jpg][Image: HCvFZwK.jpg]
Cheers everyone

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It sure is a nice shaver!
I enjoy it very much!

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(07-16-2022, 02:49 PM)Tjebbe Wrote: It sure is a nice shaver!
I enjoy it very much!

I am genuinely amazed every time I pick the Masamune Ti up. It really does ooze quality and to me looks great.

I get that not everyone is going to like the lack of weight or the handle dimensions, pattern, the propriety handle or even that it shaves on the mild side but I have been seriously impressed so far. 
As a company the guys obviously take pride in what they are doing, the website is great looking, the packaging is good and the product is meticulously designed, manufactured and put together.

In my original post I mentioned that I have sensitive skin and because of this any daily driver has to be mild enough to ease any irritation throughout the week..the Masamune is indeed a mild razor but that shouldn’t be misconstrued as a poorly efficient razor as that is definitely not the case at all.
I am still experimenting with angles, blades, pressure or lack of but I have had great shaves so far.

Possibly a lot of people with sensitive skin might have gravitated towards the feather ASD2 at somepoint and I think folks will naturally pigeonhole the Masamune as being similar. Having used the feather on and off I can say that the Masamune gives a good step up in efficiency and offers a more tactile shave with noticeable feedback whilst still maintaining the smoothness of the feather.

As a daily shaver the Masamune is an absolutely no brainier for me at least.
You can shake things up a little by swapping parts out such as the top cap or base plates of the Nodachi razor product…this again is meant to be another step up in efficiency and feel.

If you are on the fence about this one, I say go for it, for what it’s been designed to do and the shaving characteristics the company state, I think you would likely be pleasantly surprised.

And who doesn’t have an inner Samurai waiting to get out

Take it easy everyone

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Do you feel the need to add some pressure during the shave? It's shockingly light and I'm not sure I added enough when I tried it.

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Find, as with all razors, it shaves best with zero pressure

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That was my approach but I did experience minor vibration of the blade with the titanium. The original razor feels much more solid during the shave IMO.

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(07-16-2022, 10:30 PM)Fedsbackhand Wrote: Do you feel the need to add some pressure during the shave? It's shockingly light and I'm not sure I added enough when I tried it.

(07-16-2022, 10:35 PM)DanLaw Wrote: Find, as with all razors, it shaves best with zero pressure

I tend to shave with short strokes as opposed to big long strokes, for some reason it just works better for me.
I tend to use very little pressure with the Masamune Ti. It is a very very lightweight razor as you have pointed out and as a result is very easy to manoeuvre about the neck and face. Just take your time and don’t get lulled into rushing things because it is a mild feeling razor.For me the right blade choice and angle of shave is more important than pressure. The angle I have found to be pretty intuitive, blade choice is ongoing.

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I tried to use the same light touch I use with my standard Masamune. Well, as close as possible given the difference in weight. I will try it again once the pass around wraps up.

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The 24• angle is critical

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