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We've all received tucks of blades from various manufacturers at times. You know, the new razor with a pack of blades as an extra etc. Well, I had a pack of Perma-Sharps sitting in the cupboard for I don't know how long and what they came with I couldn't tell you. So a few days ago I saw them and decided WTH and tried one out.
Honestly, I was blown away with how comfortable, smooth, irritation free and efficient the blade is. I've got 5 shaves in on the same blade and it's still delivering great shaves.
So I ordered 100 blades from amazon.ca for just under $15 Cdn. AND I used some of my visa points and got them and the delivery for free! Hoowah!
This was a great day...I generally use Feathers, Wizamets and PolSilvers with some Ninjas, Nacets etc. But I've been finding that although the Feathers are very sharp, they don't last like some of my other blades. So there's another reason I'm very happy I "discovered" the Perma-Sharps.

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Perma_Sharps are a very good blade.

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Nacets I've been a favorite of mine for quite some time now, but I did pick up the Perma-Sharps to try them out and I do find them to be a very good blade.

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While they are excellent blades, there are others that work better for me that cost the same or are cheaper. I do have about 100 of them.

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