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I thought I's start a thread where people can post about some of the little quirks or minor annoyances they encounter on their shaving journey.  I'll kick it off....

I decided to shave with the venerable Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap this morning and see how it performs with Grooming Dept. Moisturizing Pre-Shave.  Its generally a decent soap but with Mo's gift to the shaving world it performed like a top tier soap.  I had an excellent shave.  Now to the thing that made me say hmm?  I decided a couple of years back that I'd get the nice ceramic soap dish that Mitchell's Wool Fat sells to house the soap puck.  The container is custom made for Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap - rustic looking ceramic with the Mitchell's Wool Fat logo and artwork on the lid.  Somebody took some time with the design. So, why the heck couldn't they have made the container fit the soap puck snuggly or make the puck a little larger?  The puck is 1/2"+ smaller in diameter than the inside diameter of the soap container.  Why wouldn't they make the darn thing fit snugly so that you don't lose most of your lather down the space between the puck and the container?  Sure you could grate a bunch of the soap and pack it in to fill the space but why should I have to when the the dish and the soap are sold by the manufacturer as a matched set?  I can see doing that if I'm using a container I found that I'm re-puroposing as a soap container but when the manufacturer is selling the soap and the dish together at a premium then I expect them to take the time to do it right.  Hmmm....

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