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I am looking for a nice, relatively thick, balm. I am using Nivea. It is inexpensive and not bad but I would like to step it up while keeping the same consistency in regard to thickness. Suggestions?

St. Louis, MO
Black Tie Razor Company. We do thick.

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The Black Tie Razor Co has a great balm. It is thick...I think a little thicker than Nivea.

I also have and like Crowne & Crane and Stirling. I recently picked up El Caballero by Oleo but haven't used it yet. I would consider all of these to be similar in terms of thickness to Nivea, and maybe even a little thicker (especially the Stirling balms)

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If money is no object, you can try Santa Maria Novella Emulsione Analcolica( same consistency as Nivea ) or ABC Apricot Hull Aftershave( a bit firmer than Nivea ). Both are very good, SMN is more astringent.

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Peachtree City, GA
You really find smn and abc thicker than nivea? Use abc religiously as in every shave year round find it much less viscous

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if that’s what you want I’d suggest one of the Truffit&Hill balms. Great scents. Fantastic results. Not at all oily or greasy.

Declaration Grooming liniments if you can find them. I know Pasteur's still has some in stock.
- Jeff

Peachtree City, GA
When thinking of thick balms, Al’s comes to mind. They work well in harsh winters but the scents are absolutely hideous and project like a freight train
Just an old slow fat man
Stirling! Very good & very reasonably priced. Great selection on scents too.

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DanLaw, the new bottle of ABC bought directly from their batbershop in Milan in 2018 is actually thicker than Nivea, the previous one that I bought back in 2015 had actually the same consistency as Nivea. SMN Emulsione Analcolica has in my opinion more or less the same consistency as Nivea. At least, that's my opinion; both of them are excellent products.

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